Articles for Getting on Board

Another White Guy

by Julie Graber | on 31 Aug 2020

I've threatened to do it for a long time - so here it goes - a running list of lost opportunities to create a more diverse, just world. It's the appointment of yet another white guy.

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Now More Than Ever: We Need More Women on Board

by Julie Graber | on 19 May 2020

I recently wrote about how women should not wait until retirement to work on securing a corporate board seat. As follow-up, someone ask me why it matters. If it's so hard for women to secure a board appointment, why fight with it? Why not find ways around it - other ways to have impact? This is why having women at the table is critical.

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Getting on Board: Don't Wait Until Retirement

by Julie Graber | on 18 May 2020

I am often asked by other women for advice on securing a board seat. My first piece of advice? Don't wait until you're ready to retire to secure that board appointment.

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