Articles for Bias

Who's Ambitious? It isn't just white men.

by Julie Graber | on 14 Aug 2020

It's a myth that women and people of color lack the ambition needed to advance up the ladder. Ambition is a more complicated issue than either you have it or you don’t; it has to be recognized and supported to be sustained. 

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The Racial Divide: Who Can be a Stay-at-Home Mom?

by Julie Graber | on 29 Jul 2020

One of the recent news item on the childcare crisis drew me into a conversation about societal attitudes towards women and how our who-will-stay-home and who-will-work expectations have varied throughout history based on race. Our expectation that black women will be employed is reflected throughout history in a number of ways.

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The Real Problem: Systemic Bias

by Julie Graber | on 29 Aug 2019

Implicit or unconscious bias has gotten a great deal of attention in the diversity and inclusion circles over the past couple of years. The jury is still out, though, as to whether or not training is the way to fix the problem. There is a bias, however, that we can do something about. That bias is systemic bias.

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