Where You Won't Find African-Americans in the Fortune 100

by Julie Graber | on 3 Jun 2020

As I watch company after company issue statements on the protests sweeping the US I want to ask them one question: if you are so deeply committed to addressing the issue of racism, if you strive to create a culture where people of all differences can thrive, then why aren’t there more African Americans among your executive leadership?

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Data Table: Women and African Americans in the F100

by Julie Graber | on 2 Jun 2020

Fortune 100 C-Suite Organizational Charts - February 2020

Stanford Graduate School of Business: Corporate Governance Research Initiative

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C-Suite Diversity in the Fortune 100

by Julie Graber | on 1 Jun 2020

Women and racially diverse executives are underrepresented in C-suite positions that lead to CEO and board appointments and overrepresented in staff/administrative roles. That's not a good sign if you're looking for a company truly committed to diversity and inclusion. 

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Is the Company Serious About Diversity? Check the Executive Officers

by Julie Graber | on 27 May 2020

There is one indicator above all others that will tell you if the company is committed to diversity and inclusion at the gut level: the diversity of the executive officers.

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Moms Forced to Opt Out

by Julie Graber | on 26 May 2020

Her story went viral. The reaction has been intense. Yet I suspect there are a fair number of women breathing a quiet sigh of relief that the story isn’t about them. Women who can imagine a similar scenario playing out in their own home. Women who have already been pushed to the breaking point with the lockdown, women who don’t know what they are going to do long-term to manage the crisis it has created in their own families. Women who can imagine having to make the same decision under a similar set of circumstances. 

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In the News: Week Ending May 22

by Julie Graber | on 22 May 2020

ASX 300 boards: male and pale

Rooney Rule Changes in the NFL

Fortune 500 Female CEOs

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A Lifetime of Inequality Can Start With the Very First Paycheck

by Julie Graber | on 20 May 2020

Every paycheck you receive during your career, with a few exceptions, will build on that first paycheck. Every salary increase. Every bonus. Even matching retirement contributions. Since most employers use percentages to calculate all of the above, that first paycheck can be the start of something big. Except for women, it’s usually the start of something less. 

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Now More Than Ever: We Need More Women on Board

by Julie Graber | on 19 May 2020

I recently wrote about how women should not wait until retirement to work on securing a corporate board seat. As follow-up, someone ask me why it matters. If it's so hard for women to secure a board appointment, why fight with it? Why not find ways around it - other ways to have impact? This is why having women at the table is critical.

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Getting on Board: Don't Wait Until Retirement

by Julie Graber | on 18 May 2020

I am often asked by other women for advice on securing a board seat. My first piece of advice? Don't wait until you're ready to retire to secure that board appointment.

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Women and Salary Negotiations

by Julie Graber | on 17 May 2020

Negotiation: the fact that men do and women don’t is one of the reasons used to explain the gender pay gap and was the subject of the best selling book by Linda Babcock and Sara LascheverWomen Don’t Ask, in 2007. The book and its related research spawned thousands of workshops and classes aimed at teaching women to negotiate their salaries and close the gap. 

In spite of these efforts, the gender pay gap persist.

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