Developing Women Leaders

by Julie Graber | on 3 Aug 2016

The June issue of the Journal of Management Education included a rich discussion of women’s leadership development programs (WLDP). The articles included a review of key themes from the latest research on WLDPs as well as recommendations for WLDP programs going forward.

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Paid Leave: It's Not the Company, It's the Country

by Julie Graber | on 26 Feb 2016

The company shall remain nameless. Suffice it to say that is was a US-headquartered organization that operates globally. The headline indicated that said company was going to offer 26 weeks of maternity leave for women employees, and its competitors were expected to follow suit.

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Is Correlation Enough When It Comes to Women on Boards?

by Julie Graber | on 29 Jul 2014

Numerous studies have documented the direct, positive correlation between the participation of women on the boards and senior management teams and overall organizational performance.

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"Fixing" Women

by Julie Graber | on 18 Jun 2014

They are messages that play well with women - believe in yourself, speak up, don’t take it personally. Use strong words to describe yourself - smart, intelligent, innovative, not loyal & reliable. Don’t be afraid to take a risk - learn from failure. Don’t start every sentence with I’m sorry. Ask for that raise.

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The Overconfidence Gap

by Julie Graber | on 24 Apr 2014

In the spirit of full disclosure: I haven’t read either of Claire Shipman and Katty Kay’s books, primarily because the I haven’t agreed with excerpts I’ve read from each.

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Central Ohio Leadership Census - 2014

by Julie Graber | on 21 Mar 2014

View the full article to see the 2014 Central Ohio Leadership Census results and methodology data.

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By The Numbers – Women’s History Month

by Julie Graber | on 20 Mar 2014

I became fascinated with the women who served as pilots in the WASP program during WWII while working on a project in Dayton, Ohio.  I had heard of them, but knew very little about their story.

So I picked up the book Amelia Earhart’s Daughters: The Wild And Glorious Story Of American Women Aviators From World War II To The Dawn Of The Space Age by Leslie Haynsworth & David Toomey, which covered not only the story of the WASP program but also the Mercury 13 (did you know 13 women tested and qualified to be astronauts during the Mercury program but were denied the opportunity to participate because they were women?).

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By The Numbers - International Women's Day

by Julie Graber | on 19 Mar 2014

View the full article to see statistics for women in these categories: Population, Political Participation, Business Leadership, Senior Management, and Gender Wage Gap.

This information was first shared at The Women’s Book for International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month, 2014

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