Women on Boards

by Julie Graber | on 21 Oct 2020

Recent announcements re: female board appointments. Note: where given, board demographics were current at time of announcement.

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Diversity Laws Can Make a Difference

by Julie Graber | on 15 Oct 2020

California's board gender diversity requirements meant that Shift Technologies CEO George Arison couldn’t confine his search for directors to just his network (which he admits is mostly men). Now Shift's board of eight has three female board members. Diversity laws can make a difference.

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Acknowledging Your Bias Isn't Enough

by Julie Graber | on 29 Sep 2020

Acknowledging your bias is all well and good, and it may foster a sense of inclusion, but what will ultimately matter is whether or not diverse talent is nurtured inside the organization.

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Things A CEO Shouldn't Say

by Julie Graber | on 28 Sep 2020

Charles Scharf isn’t the first to say make a claim like there's a "limited pool of Black talent" and he won’t be the last, and while I realize little can be done to prevent an “off the cuff” comment, I don’t understand how it ended up being released in a memo. Isn’t anyone in charge of not letting the CEO say something so offensive?

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Filling RBG's Shoes: If Only "The West Wing" Was Reality TV

by Julie Graber | on 23 Sep 2020

Once upon a time, the process for confirming a new Supreme Court Justice took into consideration the broad ranges of values held across America instead of the extreme notions of a chosen few. It aimed at adding to the court the calibre of a legal mind worthy of replacing a Scalia or RBG, not a specific political viewpoint. And it was conducted with a respect for the power being entrusted in a group of nine individuals to protect our rights and guarantee justice for everyone, and instead of devolving into at trip through the sordid details of the nominee's memory lane. 

Or maybe that was just an episode of The West Wing.

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"Prior experience as a CEO" = "only white men need apply"

by Julie Graber | on 22 Sep 2020

Boards that use "prior experience as a CEO" as a screening tool, knowing how few Blacks (and women and people of color) will be able to meet this requirement, might as well just say "only white men need apply."

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Striking Out on Their Own Shouldn't Be Women's Only Option for Making Work and Family Work

by Julie Graber | on 11 Sep 2020

Women striking out on their own can be a great solution, but it shouldn't be the only solution. Women shouldn’t have to opt-out of corporate America to make work and family work.

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White Men Can Increase the Diversity of Executive Leadership in One Move

by Julie Graber | on 8 Sep 2020

We could drive diversity metrics off the chart if every white male executive officer/senior leader would develop a succession plan for his position that would fill his role with someone different - someone whose identity doesn’t match his own. 

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Companies Hit with Lawsuits for Lack of Diversity

by Julie Graber | on 3 Sep 2020

This is a running list of companies that have been hit with shareholder derivative lawsuits for claiming to have a commitment to diversity but lacking any evidence of it on its board and executive team. The list includes links to articles with more detail re: the lawsuits.

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If We Want to Tackle Racial and Gender Inequality, Everyone Must Pitch In

by Julie Graber | on 1 Sep 2020

White people have to be involved in dismantling systems of racial inequality, just like men have to be engaged in the work it will take to dismantle the structures of male privilege and replace them with something better.  Who do they think created those systems and structures in the first place?

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