What All the New Diversity Programs and Initiatives Tell You About How We’re Defining the Problem

by Julie Graber | on 30 Jun 2020

As companies scramble to find ways to address racism through their organizations, their “solutions” tell  you something about how the organization is defining the problem (and presumably what they think it will take to move the needle). So far, I’m not seeing anything that defines the problems we face any differently than they have been in the past - not a good sign if we’re hoping for real change.

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Mandatory Diversity Targets and Concerns About Unqualified Candidates

by Julie Graber | on 23 Jun 2020

Questions about the qualifications of women and people of color come from a place of privilege, where qualifications are assumed. That they only come up when we talk about women and people of color means they are also sexist and racist.

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What's Up with the Gender Pay Gap at Burberry?

by Julie Graber | on 18 Jun 2020

Most companies explain their pay gap away by noting the lack of women in the upper ranks of the company, where the pay is higher (as if that's a defense). But at Burberry, women hold a significant portion of the highest ranking jobs. So what gives?

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Another White Guy

by Julie Graber | on 17 Jun 2020

I've threatened to do it for a long time - so here it goes - a running list of lost opportunities to create a more diverse, just world. It's the appointment of yet another white guy.

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Fix the System, Not the Women

by Julie Graber | on 16 Jun 2020

If women could fix the gender pay gap all by themselves it would be done. We don’t have time to mess around. We can’t afford what it costs us in lost wages to say nothing of bonuses and retirement contributions that are based on a percentage of our base pay. Suggesting that we can do it all by ourselves by changing who we are is yet another attempt to “fix the women” instead of fixing the system.

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Things I Know for Sure: Moms, Merit, Equality, and Doing Diversity

by Julie Graber | on 15 Jun 2020

Oprah has written extensively about the things she knows for sure. Here are some of the things I know for sure - about moms being leaders, the fight for equality, the myth of merit, the business case for diversity, and women at the table. 

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Diversity Doublespeak and Discrimination

by Julie Graber | on 12 Jun 2020

If the Business Roundtable and other organizations are serious about tackling the issue of racial inequality in the US, they’re going to have to address the other D word that no one wants to mention: discrimination.

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Why Yet Another Committee Isn't the Answer to Addressing Racial Inequality

by Julie Graber | on 8 Jun 2020

If the Business Roundtable wants to be a part of the solution for racial inequality, they are going to have to focus their efforts inward, at themselves, and address the biases and privilege that got most of them where they are today. 

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Data Table: African-Americans in F100 C-Suites

by Julie Graber | on 7 Jun 2020

Ranked list of companies with one or more African-American executives in the C-Suite. 

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Where You Won't Find African-Americans in the Fortune 100

by Julie Graber | on 3 Jun 2020

As I watch company after company issue statements on the protests sweeping the US I want to ask them one question: if you are so deeply committed to addressing the issue of racism, if you strive to create a culture where people of all differences can thrive, then why aren’t there more African Americans among your executive leadership?

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