Why So Few Women: The Problem Is...

I like to read anything by Carol Bacchi I can get my hands on.

Bacchi, a political scientist and feminist theorist, developed a public policy analysis tool that looks at how problems are defined within proposed or adopted public policies (“what’s the problem represented to be?” or WPR).

Bacchi argues that problems don’t exist outside of policies or in a vacuum, but that policies actually define problems in very specific ways. So if this is the policy, what does it say about how have we defined the problem?

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Central Ohio Leadership Census - 2014

View the full article to see the 2014 Central Ohio Leadership Census results and methodology data.

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By The Numbers – Women’s History Month

I became fascinated with the women who served as pilots in the WASP program during WWII while working on a project in Dayton, Ohio.  I had heard of them, but knew very little about their story.

So I picked up the book Amelia Earhart’s Daughters: The Wild And Glorious Story Of American Women Aviators From World War II To The Dawn Of The Space Age by Leslie Haynsworth & David Toomey, which covered not only the story of the WASP program but also the Mercury 13 (did you know 13 women tested and qualified to be astronauts during the Mercury program but were denied the opportunity to participate because they were women?).

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By The Numbers - International Women's Day

View the full article to see statistics for women in these categories: Population, Political Participation, Business Leadership, Senior Management, and Gender Wage Gap.

This information was first shared at The Women’s Book for International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month, 2014

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