About Gender Equity Analytics

As much as we’d like to think that treating everyone equally is the best strategy for fairness, the reality is that the differences in the lives of women and men have to be taken into account to ensure that organizations, programs, services, and yes, even public policy treat women and men in ways that achieve gender equity.

That’s where GenderEQA – Gender Equity Analytics – comes in. Using the data-driven tools of gender analysis, we can help you determine if gender equity is being achieved – in businesses and organizations, in the planning and implementation of programs and services, and in the development and enforcement of public policy.

The evidence is in: analysis of organizational performance metrics that date back to the 1980s shows there is a clear relationship between better results and diverse leadership. Senior executives who ignore the data do so to their detriment. They’re literally leaving money on the table.

But numbers don’t tell the whole story. Organizations have to be willing to dig deep to discover where the biases are buried – in the organization’s culture, in governance practices, in talent management strategies, and in personal values and belief systems.

Find out what a gender equity audit can do for your organization. Contact us at jgraber@gendereqa.com or 614-203-9115.

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