Women on Boards

by Julie Graber | on 21 Oct 2020

Recent announcements re: female board appointments. Note: where given, board demographics were current at time of announcement.

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Diversity Laws Can Make a Difference

by Julie Graber | on 15 Oct 2020

California's board gender diversity requirements meant that Shift Technologies CEO George Arison couldn’t confine his search for directors to just his network (which he admits is mostly men). Now Shift's board of eight has three female board members. Diversity laws can make a difference.

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Acknowledging Your Bias Isn't Enough

by Julie Graber | on 29 Sep 2020

Acknowledging your bias is all well and good, and it may foster a sense of inclusion, but what will ultimately matter is whether or not diverse talent is nurtured inside the organization.

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Things A CEO Shouldn't Say

by Julie Graber | on 28 Sep 2020

Charles Scharf isn’t the first to say make a claim like there's a "limited pool of Black talent" and he won’t be the last, and while I realize little can be done to prevent an “off the cuff” comment, I don’t understand how it ended up being released in a memo. Isn’t anyone in charge of not letting the CEO say something so offensive?

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