Going Public with an All-Male Board

by Julie Graber | on 15 Aug 2019

WeWork is just the latest in a long line of firms who have filed for an IPO with an all-male board. Attempts to explain it away by pointing the the venture capital firms who funded the start-up is no excuse - going public means asking a much broader group of shareholders to invest in the firm - shareholders who have a right to have representation at the board table.

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On the Likability of Political Candidates

by Julie Graber | on 12 Aug 2019

I was reminded of Judith Butler’s work on gender as a social construction while reading Rebecca Solnit’s Unconscious Bias is Running for President and Ella Nilsen’s “Likability” ratings in a recent New Hampshire poll show just how tough female candidates have it in the space of an afternoon.

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The Untested Rape Kits - What Happened Next

by Julie Graber | on 8 Aug 2019

Remember the backlog of untested rape kits reported in the news a number of years ago? This article provides an in-depth look at what has happened in the wake of this scandal.

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Letterman's Next Guest Needs No Introduction

by Julie Graber | on 6 Jun 2019

I happen to think the title of Letterman’s show is brilliant: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. The show features in-depth interviews with guests who can be recognized by either their first or last name, individuals who truly need no introduction. Obama, Clooney, Malala, Jay-Z, and now Ellen.

We watched the Ellen segment recently, and it did not disappoint.

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