Women on Boards

by Julie Graber | on 14 Sep 2020

Recent announcements re: female board appointments.

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Striking Out on Their Own Shouldn't Be Women's Only Option for Making Work and Family Work

by Julie Graber | on 11 Sep 2020

Women striking out on their own can be a great solution, but it shouldn't be the only solution. Women shouldn’t have to opt-out of corporate America to make work and family work.

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White Men Can Increase the Diversity of Executive Leadership in One Move

by Julie Graber | on 8 Sep 2020

We could drive diversity metrics off the chart if every white male executive officer/senior leader would develop a succession plan for his position that would fill his role with someone different - someone whose identity doesn’t match his own. 

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Companies Hit with Lawsuits for Lack of Diversity

by Julie Graber | on 3 Sep 2020

This is a running list of companies that have been hit with shareholder derivative lawsuits for claiming to have a commitment to diversity but lacking any evidence of it on its board and executive team. The list includes links to articles with more detail re: the lawsuits.

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