African-American Women Blazing Trails on Corporate Boards

by Julie Graber | on 25 Feb 2020

I recently ran across a 1986 listing of the board members for public companies operating in Central Ohio (my hometown). Curious as to what I would find in terms of gender diversity way back then, I started working through the names, researching when needed to confirm the gender for each person listed.

As the work progressed, I started to notice that a good number of the women were African-American, which frankly surprised me - I would have expected maybe one or two women of color if any (remember - 1986). Further research led me to an amazing list of African-American women who were trailblazers for both their race and their gender in the corporate arena, including the very first woman to serve as a corporate board member.

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Just Because I'm A Woman

by Julie Graber | on 24 Feb 2020

Just because I’m a woman. After running across two examples of women bemoaning the idea that their gender might have opened a door for them, I had to say it - it's OK to be the token. It's what you do with the opportunity that matters.

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Women are Sometimes....

by Julie Graber | on 21 Feb 2020

Women are sometimes their own worst enemy.

Much as I dislike that phrase - it strikes me as similar to “boys will be boys,” a throw-away excuse for bad behavior - I have to confess that sometimes it’s true.

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Moms Need Not Apply

by Julie Graber | on 5 Dec 2019

The Miss World organization says that only single, childless women can handle the rigors of Miss World’s hectic schedule. The world cannot survive if the only people who can be leaders are men and women who aren’t moms. And if we’re going to realize my dream of a world where half of our leaders are women, we’re going to need to make room for moms at the table.

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